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You need the right team of experts to create a strong roadmap and foundation for your wealth plan. Your specific objectives require a team that actively applies their experience and expertise to harness appropriate strategies at the right time within this landscape.

We are a diverse team of investment professionals comprising of analysts, financial planners, tax and investment advisors, trust and estate attorneys, and real estate and life insurance experts.

The world of retail investing, especially within equity markets, presents numerous challenges, obstacles, and struggles for investors.

Nonetheless, the scale of one’s investable assets can enable many families to use strategies traditionally utilized by institutional investors, such as pension plans and hedge funds.

Capitalizing on our relationships with the globe's premier banks, financial institutions, private equity and venture capital firms, real estate giants, and life insurance companies, our team has crafted a versatile and multifaceted investment philosophy. We tactically implement this approach for our clients.

Through careful planning and timely application of supplemental strategies, we effectively mitigate our clients' risk exposure without forgoing the traditional benefits of more volatile asset classes.
Our Mission And Values


Neil Jesani, our founder, boasts a 23-year track record of aiding numerous successful individuals and businesses nationwide in achieving substantial tax reduction, boosting investment portfolio returns with downside risk protection, nearly doubling tax-free retirement income, and establishing additional inheritances for their families.

Neil embraces a team approach, recognizing the complexity of investments, taxes, and financial planning, especially for high-net-worth individuals.

While Neil's achievements are widely recognized, with features in prestigious publications such as The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Inc. Magazine, Forbes, CBS, NBC, Treasury & Risk, and Fox Business, and with numerous speaking engagements at national and regional conferences, not to mention his best-selling book "Win the War for Money and Success", what Neil truly values is the expertise his team of seasoned professionals can provide to you.

His commitment is to leverage their expertise to help you minimize your tax liabilities, enhance your investment portfolio's return rate, realize your dream retirement income, live your ideal lifestyle, and craft the legacy you wish to leave for your family and chosen charities.
Neil Jesani CFP, Andrew Constantinides IAR, Jacob McCue CFA, Michael Foulkes, Christopher Rose, Nikhil Khandelwal CFA, Sofiya Shoiab Esq.
Your Assurance


To become a global, boutique wealth advisory firm serving ultra-high-net worth individuals, families, foundations, and corporations through our holistic approach to asset management.


Maximize annual investment returns while minimizing risk exposure for each and every client that we maintain a relationship with using our 3 dimensional universal asset allocation strategy.


1) We will always maintain an unbiased position in our client relationships, removing any potential conflicts of interest that may arise.
2) Our sole criteria when making decisions on our client’s behalf will always be the same: What is in the best interest of the client?
3) We will always maintain open lines of communication with our clients and be over-attentive to each relationship. We will initiate monthly strategy and review meetings with each client, and adjust our strategies as needed.
4) We will re-evaluate our thinking and positioning through changing markets and not rest on our laurels.
5) We will always take an open-minded approach to client goals, and possible opportunities that may serve a place within a client plan.
6) We will relentlessly seek out new and innovative ideas in the pursuit of our mission: To Maximize Annual Investment Returns while minimizing risk exposure.
7) We will adapt to your specific needs, goals, and circumstances and structure your investment plan and portfolio accordingly.


Our Ideal Client Services


Each investment decision becomes increasingly critical as your wealth accumulates over your career.

For our high-net-worth, ultra-high-net-worth, and ultra-high-income clients, even minor decisions can profoundly impact your life, family, purpose, and, ultimately, your legacy.
Our strategies are most effective for portfolios valued at $5 million and above, though portfolios ranging from $1 million to $5 million can still significantly benefit over the longer term.

We ask for a commitment that allows us to provide you with the maximum value.

As a fiduciary and registered investment advisory firm, we prioritize protecting and promoting our clients' best interests.

We thoroughly analyze your current financial standing and future goals to understand your needs and anticipate your family's future requirements.
We use this insight to formulate a dynamic plan, regularly updated and rebalanced in response to various factors.

These can include market trends, sector changes, time value of money, life events, immediate key opportunities, interest rates, dollar-cost averaging, leverage qualifications, and more.

Our strategies aim to mitigate short-term market volatility, increase the likelihood of meeting your financial goals, and minimize risk.

We maintain long-term relationships with clients, spanning lifetimes and generations.

We lower client risk through the right plan and strategic additions without sacrificing the benefits associated with more volatile asset classes.

Are you a successful engineer, physician, dentist, lawyer, senior executive or business owner?

Our expert team of CFAs, CFPs, CPAs, and Trust & Estate Attorneys are ready to manage your wealth and financial needs.

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