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The 3 Dimension Universal Asset Allocation Strategy


Our 3-Dimensional Universal Asset Allocation strategy is the direct result of multiple decades of investing and testing by us and others in the industry. The logic behind the 3 dimensions is that it is very hard to consistently outperform the corresponding indices with a traditional asset allocation even though the asset allocation is the single biggest deciding factor of any investment portfolio's return over the long term. That is where the role of second and third dimensions come into play.

The First Dimension: Asset Allocation
The first dimension consists of multiple asset classes with low correlation coefficients. We challenge the traditional asset mix of equities and bonds used in decades past. The use of multiple alternative investment sleeves solves the challenges of traditional asset allocation. Specific asset classes and their weighting will vary among investor risk profiles however, up to 10 individual sleeves may be allocated.

The Second Dimension: Money & Investment Principles
The second dimension incorporates 5 of the most powerful money and investment principles. We have found that investors and advisors alike often overlook these factors when structuring a portfolio using the bottom-up approach. The 5 principles of the 2nd dimension are: The Velocity of Money, Arbitrage, Strategy Correlation, Margin of Safety, and Leverage Volatility.

The Third Dimension: External Portfolio Factors
The third and final dimension considers three external factors: Market Timing, Expenses, and Tax Considerations & Strategies that can have an exponential impact on an investor's lifetime rate of return.
Right insight is key to spectacular success

Quartely Investment Insight

Receive quarterly insights crafted by seasoned senior analysts and successful portfolio managers, rather than by a professional writer or a charismatic economist who may impress with words and opinions but lacks the track record of delivering substantial long-term returns or actionable short-term opportunities. End of the day investment is outsmarting other smartest people on the planet in the near future and creating allies for ongoing future success. That requires lots of hard work and access to the right tools and information. 

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Fiduciary Care


Having accumulated a high net worth, you expect and deserve the highest levels of competency, service and care from your wealth management firm. The fiduciary standard of care is the pinnacle standard in the industry.

Here's how we maintain this commitment:

Fiduciary Principle: We act in your best interest, utilizing reasonable care, skill, prudent judgment, and rigorous accountability.

Customized Portfolio: We design a portfolio tailored to your investment goals, balancing risk and return and focusing on the entire portfolio's performance.

Continuous Monitoring: We continuously monitor and adjust your portfolio in response to changing economic conditions.

Regular Reviews: Our investment team reviews every account MONTHLY or sooner with our clients, ensuring your portfolio aligns with your financial goals and current market conditions.

Your hard-earned investment portfolio deserves the best management strategy, which is why we limit the number of clients we accept by minimum $5 million (18 million+ AED) investment portfolio.
Wealth Optimization Strategies


Achieve Cohesion Across Critical Foundational Areas
Financial Planning Centered on Your Objectives
Unique approaches to building tax-efficient portfolios
Smart Tax Planning Strategies for Financial Success
Maximize your wealth with innovative tax planning strategies
Wealth Planning Strategies for Achieving Your GOALs
Tailored roadmap process for maximizing liquidity and building wealth
Access Curated Private Market Options
Expert investment opportunities for growth and diversification
Expert Estate Planning and Philanthropy Services
Preserve your wealth, values, and support the causes you care about
Solid risk managment for wealth & Future income
Experience dedicated and attentive care for your wealth management needs
Family Wealth Management and Legacy Planning Services
Empower your family to make informed wealth decisions across generations
Holistic Wealth and Wellness Services
Elevate your lifestyle and enrich your wealth with our expert resources
Power is in the right people


You need the right team of experts to create a strong roadmap and foundation for your wealth plan. Your specific objectives require a team that actively applies their experience and expertise to harness appropriate strategies at the right time within this landscape.

Neil Jesani Wealth Management, LLC is a boutique private wealth management firm headquartered in Miami, Florida with a representative office in Dubai, UAE helping ultra-high net-worth individuals, businesses, Trusts, and Family offices to generate powerful return while minimizing volatility. 

We are a diverse team of investment professionals comprising of analysts, financial planners, tax and investment advisors, trust and estate attorneys, and real estate and risk management experts.

What makes us truly unique is the in-house team of highly skilled and experienced CPAs, estate and trust attorneys and other advanced tax planning professionals. All our clients are not only ultra-high net-worth but also high-income earners. They need real tax planning which is backed by the tax codes and solid research delivered by an experienced team of tax professionals.

Capitalizing on our relationships with world's premier banks, financial institutions, private equity and venture capital firms, real estate giants, and life insurance companies, our team has crafted a versatile and multifaceted investment philosophy. We tactically implement this approach for our clients.
Minimum Portfolio size Rationale


Firstly, we believe investment and wealth management is very competitive and demands a very high degree of analysis as you are competing with the best of the best on the entire planet. So, it requires not only amazing skills but also lots of analysis. The comprehensive and detailed analysis will require lots of time.

Unfortunately, if you do not limit the minimum size of the investment portfolio then, you must acquire many clients to make a decent living. That is why most of the financial planners, investment advisors, relationship managers, consultants, or whatever fancy title they use, they are all salesperson (rather than true investment professionals) working hard every day to acquire new clients and gather more assets. They ended up spending much of their time in the business development activities rather than analyzing investments and your portfolio. We want to use the business development activities time to analyze and manage our clients’ investment portfolio daily. We review with clients their investment portfolio monthly or sooner based on their preference.

Secondly, we have assembled in-house the highly skilled and experienced team of CPAs, Attorneys, EAs, CFPs for the advanced income, estate tax, financial planning, and asset protection strategies. Their skill, knowledge and time are focused on the ultra-high net-worth clients’ planning opportunities. They can create tremendous amounts of tax savings and help create substantial additional wealth, but these strategies only work for the high-income and ultra-high net-worth individuals.

Thirdly, our 3D Universal Asset Allocation Strategy is very heavy on alternatives investments such as hedge funds, private equity, venture capital, private real estate, and private credit. We have access to hard-to-find and top tier institutional grade investment opportunities but most of them require a minimum of $500,000 to get into their opportunity and investor needs to be a “Qualified Purchaser”. The most people are familiar with the term “Accredited Investors”, and this requires $1 Million in net-worth or $200,000 in annual individual income or $300,000 in joint income. While the qualified purchaser status requires a minimum of $5 Million investment portfolio.
Our Research blog 


NMI Holdings (NMIH)

NMI Holdings (NMIH) is a mortgage insurance company. While that seems like a rather unexciting line of business, the company’s stock is anything but boring.
NMIH is somewhat unusual in that it is both a growth stock and value stock. The company has improved its earnings for every year for the last 10 years. Few companies can make that claim. For perspective, almost all the big glamour stocks (Microsoft, Apple, NVIDIA, Amazon, Meta and Tesla) have had a couple of declining earnings years over the same time period. Alphabet (GOOG) has had one.

Vipshop Holdings (VIPS)

The Chinese stock market is currently about half of what it was at its peak 17 years ago.

Long term investors are frustrated. But for those who have managed to avoid the fray until now, the Chinese stock market is becoming increasingly interesting from a valuation perspective. For example, the Chinese stock market is currently trading at a 10.59% earnings yield (earnings/market cap). That’s an attractive earnings yield. The last time the U.S. stock market traded at a 10.59% earnings yield was in 1984.

PulteGroup (PHM)

PulteGroup has been buying land and building houses on that land for over 70 years. The company has survived 11 recessions…most notably the 2008-2009 real estate crisis.
Since then, the company has been thriving. PulteGroup’s earnings have improved in 13 out of the last 14 years. The only year when earnings were worse than the previous year was in 2019 when profits declined by a mere 0.59%. Overall, earnings have grown by over 20% on an annualized basis for the past 10 years.
Individual motive drives the action


Most of the Middle East, Asia and Africa regions are still operating on the "BROKERAGE" model meaning the Bank, Advisory Firm or an Advisor is primarily going to be paid via commission. If your Bank, Investment Firm or Advisor is not talking about the "Fee" and if you haven’t signed the fee agreement then they are working on the Brokerage model. So, in Brokerage model there are following ways to make money for the Bank, Investment Firm or Advisors:

Sell More Investments: Every time you invest more money, they get to charge you commission on that new investment.

Change Existing Holdings: Every time they ask you to move from the one holding to the other shinny investment option, they get to collect commission one more time on the same investment. The more they change the investment, the more the opportunity to earn new commission.

Provide You Leverage: Every time they arrange a loan to buy more investment than your own money, they get to earn commission on the total money. For example, your investment of 5 million USD and they arrange a leverage (loan) of another 5 million USD, they will get the commission on the 10 million USD.

There are a few Banks and Investment Firms work on the "HYBRID" model where they will charge you Fee as well as they will get paid commission or custodial Fee split or some sort of kick back or backend money. This is probably the most complex arrangement, and you have no idea how much you are paying.

The most Western nations are outgrown of the brokerage model and especially USA is mostly the "FEE-ONLY" model. They are called Registered Investment Advisors (RIA) in the USA. The RIAs are only allowed to work on the Fee only basis and not allowed to take any commission, kick back or any sort of backend money by law.

We are Registered Investment Advisors (RIA) and we only work on a FEE-ONLY basis. The only way we make more money on your existing investment with us is when you make more money. We are fiduciary and act in your best interest. If we find another good (shinny) investment option for you then we'll move your money, but we don't get paid extra for that. If we need to leverage your portfolio, we'll do it, but we do not charge a fee on the leverage amount. The fee we are charging is much lower and more transparent. Also, we don't charge fees upfront, meaning the first fee will be charged to you at the end of the first quarter you are working with us. We'll charge 1/4th of your annual fee at the end of the first quarter then 1/4th at every quarter going forward.
Our Ideal Client Services


As your net-worth grow throughout your life, much consideration must be given to the choices that are made. As ultra-high net worth, and ultra-high income earners, each small decision can have significant implications on your life, family, purpose and ultimately on your legacy. 
Our strategies are most effective for portfolios valued at $5 million and above, though portfolios ranging from $1 million to $5 million can still significantly benefit over the longer term.

We ask for a minumum $5 million investment commitment that allows us to provide you with the maximum value.

We have access to hard-to-find and top tier institutional grade investment opportunities and investors needs to be a “Qualified Purchaser” that requires a minimum of $5 Million investment portfolio.
As a fiduciary and registered investment advisory firm, we prioritize protecting and promoting our clients' best interests.

We thoroughly analyze your current financial standing and future goals to understand your needs and anticipate your family's future requirements.

We use this insight to formulate a dynamic plan, regularly updated and rebalanced in response to various factors. We lower client risk through the right plan and strategic additions without sacrificing the benefits associated with more volatile asset classes.
All our clients are not only ultra-high net-worth but also high-income earners. They need real tax planning which is backed by the tax codes and solid research delivered by an experienced team of tax professionals.

Our in-house team of tax attorneys and CPAs will give you a plan lowering your taxes legally. They will find the missing opportunities that may be costing you tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars in taxes you don't need to pay. 

We maintain long-term relationships with clients, spanning lifetimes and generations. 
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