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Neil Jesani CFP, Andrew Constantinides IAR, Jacob McCue CFA, Michael Foulkes, Christopher Rose, Nikhil Khandelwal CFA, Sofiya Shoiab Esq.
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Our 3-Dimensional Universal Asset Allocation strategy is the direct result of multiple decades of investing and testing by us and others in the industry. The logic behind the 3 dimensions is that it is very hard to consistently out-perform the corresponding indices with a traditional asset allocation even though the asset allocation is the single biggest deciding factor of any investment portfolio's return over the long term. That is where the role of second and third dimensions come into play.

The first dimension consists of multiple asset classes with low correlation coefficients. We challenge the traditional asset mix of equities and bonds used in decades past. The use of multiple alternative investment sleeves solves the challenges of traditional asset allocation. Specific assets classes and their weighting will vary among investor risk profiles however, up to 10 individual sleeves may be allocated.

The second dimension incorporates 5 of the most powerful money and investment principles. We have found that investors and advisors alike often overlook these factors when structuring a portfolio using the bottom-up approach. The 5 principles of the 2nd dimension are: The Velocity of Money, Arbitrage, Strategy Correlation, Margin of Safety and Leverage Volatility.

The third and final dimension considers three external factors such as Market Timing, Expenses and Tax Considerations & Strategies that can have an exponential impact on an investors lifetime rate of return.  




Fiduciary Care: The standard of care you deserve

Having accumulated higher net worth, you expect and deserve the highest levels of competency, service and care from your wealth management firm. The fiduciary standard of care is the pinnacle standard in the industry. 

The fiduciary standard of care is the framework used by Neil Jesani Wealth Management to build our service model and offer customized solutions so that decisions are made in your best interest.

Our fiduciary standard means that we have the responsibility to act solely in the best interest of our clients, under circumstances that require the use of reasonable care, skill, prudent judgment and rigorous accountability on a continuing basis

A fiduciary has a number of responsibilities to consider when acting in your best interest. We construct a portfolio of investments customized to your investment goals, providing a careful analysis to balance risk against return, and diversifying assets to focus on the performance of the entire portfolio.

Our responsibility is to monitor and continually adjust the portfolio as economic conditions change. At least once a year, our investment team formally reviews every account to ensure that the portfolio remains consistent with the client’s financial goals.

Streamline Your Private Wealth

Streamline your Wealth, life & purpose 

Achieve Cohesion Across Critical Foundational Areas
Financial Planning Centered on Your Objectives
Unique Approaches to Building Tax-Efficient Portfolios
Smart Tax Planning Strategies for Financial Success
Maximize Your Wealth with Smart Tax Planning Strategies
Wealth Planning Strategies for Achieving Your GOALs
Tailored Roadmap Process for Maximizing Liquidity and Building Wealth
Access Curated Private Market Options
Expert Investment Opportunities for Growth and Diversification
Expert Estate Planning and Philanthropy Services
Preserve Your Wealth, Values, and Support the Causes You Care About
Solid risk managment for wealth & Future income
Experience Dedicated and Attentive Care for Your Wealth Management Needs
Family Wealth Management and Legacy Planning Services
Empower Your Family to Make Informed Wealth Decisions Across Generations
Holistic Wealth and Wellness Services
Elevate Your Lifestyle and Enrich Your Wealth with Our Expert Resources

Streamline Your Private Wealth

Streamline Your Private Wealth


To create a strong roadmap/foundation for your wealth plan, you need the right team of experts with an intimate understanding of the opportunities and complexities of the investment landscape, and the knowledge and experience to navigate and leverage the right strategies at the right time within that landscape to reach your specific goals.

We are a team of investment folks made up of various analysts, financial planners, tax and investment advisors, trust and estate attorneys, and real estate and life insurance experts.
The world of retail investing, particularly in the equity markets, is fraught with pitfalls, hurdles, and uphill battles for any investor. However, the amount of one’s investable assets can allow for many families to participate in strategies that historically have been used by institutional investors including pension plans and hedge funds.

By leveraging our relationships with the world’s largest banks, financial institutions, private equity and venture capital firms, real estate powerhouses and life insurance companies, our team has developed a multi-dimensional and multi-faceted investment philosophy that we are able to tactically implement for our clients.

By designing the correct plan and using the correct supplemental strategies at the right time, we are able reduce our clients risk exposure without sacrificing many of the traditional benefits that come with more volatile asset classes.

Streamline Your Private Wealth


Neil Jesani is the founder and over the last 23 years, he have helped numerous successful individuals and businesses across the country with reducing substantial taxes, increasing investment portfolio return with downside risk protection, almost doubling tax-free retirement income and creating an additional inheritance for their families.

He believe in the team approach as investments, taxes and financial planning are very complex, especially for high net-worth individuals. 
It doesn't matter how many times he has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Inc. Magazine, Forbes, CBS, NBC, Treasury & Risk and Fox Business, or how many medical and non-medical national and regional conferences he has spoken at, or that he is the author of the best-selling book "Win the War for Money and Success."
All that matters to him is that his team of seasoned professionals can help you reduce your tax burden, increase the rate of return of your investment portfolio, achieve your desired retirement income, ideal lifestyle and create the legacy you want to leave for your family and charity.
Neil Jesani interviews.

Streamline Your Private Wealth


As your investments grow throughout your career, much consideration must be given to the choices that are made. As high net worth, ultra-high net worth, and ultra-high income earners, each small decision can have significant implications on your, life, family, purpose and ultimately on your legacy. 
Our strategies have been found to be highly effective on portfolios of $5 million and above however, long term, our strategies can have significant impact on portfolios between $1 million and $5 million. We require a level of commitment that maximizes the value that we bring to our clients. 

As a registered investment advisory firm and fiduciary, our primary objective when making a decision for you is ensuring that we are acting in our clients best interest, above all else.

Our intensive process requires a deep dive into your current financial status and your future goals. We then identify your current needs and predict the most likely outcomes that will determine your family’s future needs. 

We use this data to create a plan that is re-weighted and re-allocated based on changing variables that can include macro market trends, sector rotation, time money value, life-changing events, short-term key opportunities, interest rate environment, dollar-cost averaging, leverage qualifications, and many more.

Our strategies ultimately strive to avoid short-term market volatility and increase the probability of reaching your financial goals while decreasing your risk exposure.
Our client relationships are structured to serve our clients for the entirely of their lives, and the lives of future generations.

By designing the correct plan and using the correct supplemental strategies at the right time, we are able reduce our clients risk exposure without sacrificing many of the traditional benefits that come with more volatile asset classes.

If you are a successful professional such as an engineer, physician, dentist, lawyer or business owner with tremendous success, or a senior executive looking for a true family office kind of setting with a team of very talented CFA, CFP, CPA, and Trust & Estate Attorney for your wealth management and overall financial needs then, go ahead and schedule a FREE call with us now.
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